East Boise Youth Baseball and Softball (EBYBS) is a Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth charter. Anyone can register to play for EBYBS, but must live within Boise city limits to play summer baseball. Your son’s league age will be used to determine which division is likely appropriate for them. Their league age is their age as of May 1st of each year. Reference the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Age Chart if you need clarification. Spring and fall are the two recreational baseball seasons available through EBYBS. All players that register for these seasons will be placed on a team. The summer season is our competitive season and only the top players from each age group are selected to represent East Boise in tournament play.

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Every team needs volunteers for coaching, field maintenance, team moms, score keeping, umpiring, and concessions work. It takes a lot of work to run a league and for each team to be a success. Please do not put everything on your child’s coach as they are just volunteers themselves. Let your coach know that you are ready to help!

Spring baseball generally begins early March and ends late May. We have divisions available for boys age 5 to 18. Everyone that registers to play spring baseball will be placed on a team. Players in kid pitch divisions will be required to assess before being placed on a team.

Summer baseball generally begins late May and ends late July. Teams are picked by league officials and coaches for one team per age group to represent East Boise at official Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth tournaments.

Fall baseball generally begins mid August and ends mid October. The fall season looks forward to next year’s league age so most players are moved up one league age to prepare them for the upcoming spring season. Players in kid pitch divisions will be required to assess before being placed on a team.