EBYBS wants every player to have a positive experience playing in our league, regardless of who their coach is and regardless of division level. This is why we are continuing to improve continuity in how teams in our league are coached and what skills are practiced and developed. Starting with a strong foundation in the Tee Ball and Rookies divisions, we are helping our coaches, experienced or otherwise, set goals on skill development for each season and guide them on how to best reach those goals. As we continue that education and our coaches gain experience, they will be able to successfully take their players to the next division level and beyond.

In addition to the assistance we provide our coaches, we strongly encourage all of our coaches, in every division, to complete the online courses available through the Babe Ruth League website. There are online courses for beginner and advanced levels in both baseball and softball. Click here to start your online course today.

This page will serve as a location for links to various websites that have quality advice, guides, videos, and plans for youth baseball and softball coaches. The links below are divided between baseball and softball, but you will find most of the basic fundamentals of baseball the same as those in softball.

Useful Baseball Links
Useful Softball Links
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