While EBYBS does not offer any winter opportunities directly, there are many ways for your child to improve their skills for the next season. Through private coaching, attending camps indoors, renting time at hitting facilities, or sports focused training to increase strength, speed, and agility.

Private Baseball Coaches
Private Softball Coaches
Winter Camps

For winter baseball camps with Timberline, contact Coach Jeff Reifman for more information.

For winter softball camps with Boise State, contact Rylie Walters or Joel Oliver for more information.

Facilities For Rent

These locations offer an indoor hitting facility to practice hitting and pitching. You must supply your own coaching, baseballs, and other equipment.

Boise Gems Hitting Facility
Sandlot Sports Complex
Capital Indoor Hitting Facility
Youth Athletic Training Programs

Baseball and softball require a lot of repetitive movements. Off season training can really help strengthen the entire body so your athlete can perform to their fullest potential, as well as help to avoid common injuries.

Rock & Armor
Off the Field