Summer ball, commonly known as All-Stars, is the most competitive season of softball for EBYBS. The divisions are based solely on the age of the players participating. Coaches are interviewed and selected by the EBYBS executive board. Players are selected to those teams by the coaches and board members of EBYBS, either based on spring performance or a tryout. Registration will open as early as mid March and teams will be selected shortly after. The actual season generally starts directly after the spring season, but practices often starting before the spring season ends. EBYBS will send out a league wide notice once signups for summer ball are available.

A team representing each division, 10U, 12U, and 14U are formed each season. Determine your player’s league age by referencing the Babe Ruth Age Chart. Summer softball is an opportunity and privilege for players to experience baseball at a higher level of competition. It can be both very rewarding and disappointing.


Most teams will practice 2 or 3 times per week, every week. Games are usually played on the weekend starting Thursday and sometimes ending on Sunday. Practices will begin before the spring season ends (as to not affect your spring team) or immediately after the spring season. Games may start as early as Memorial Day Weekend and, depending on the schedule, may take up the majority of weekends for June and July, with some teams possibly advancing to the World Series scheduled in August.

The number of games played will vary from team to team. Be certain your daughter is committed enough for this level of competition and is willing to give time and effort both at practices and games for the duration of the season.

Costs and Volunteering

Evaluate the financial cost for participation in this team. Money is a major factor in summer softball as you can expect a certain amount of travel expenses and time off of work to attend games and/or practices. Parents are responsible for the full cost of uniforms (estimated around $130) and their player’s share of tourney registration dues (estimated $40 per tournament – generally 3-5 tournaments). Please contact the league by email regarding possible scholarship opportunities.

Be ready and willing to support the team in whatever you can (i.e. transportation, refreshments, encouragement, attendance at contests, etc. Travel away from the Treasure Valley area may be involved. This will be decided by each coach. Depending on the age group, some State/Regional tournaments will require travel. Participation in the State and Regional tournaments is mandatory.

Family Demands

Consider the time spent on sports and the impact on your family’s vacation plans. The team needs your commitment to be successful. Please adjust your family travel plans to not conflict with competition, if at all possible, and let your coach know of your travel plans before your child is selected. Parents must provide the coach with a copy of their birth certificate at the beginning of the season to be approved for play in official Babe Ruth tournaments.

Playing Time

There is no guarantee of playing time and your child may play positions they do not normally play. Philosophy on playing time and lineups will vary from coach to coach, but these teams are formed to play a competitive level of softball. Not every player that signs up for summer softball is guaranteed a spot on a team. Usually only 12 players per age group. A second ‘Outlaw’ team may be formed if enough interest is generated.

How Players Are Selected

Players are selected based on input from peers, coaches, previous coaches, and on-field performance/attitude during the spring season. This includes an evaluation of the behavior of parents as well. Tryouts are held some years, depending on the number of players registered for summer softball.