Our league is built on volunteers. We have no hired positions and the city of Boise does not help us maintain our facilities. We have no offices, we don’t even have a phone number. From the executive board to the general board, and just parents helping out on a daily basis at games and practices, everyone is a volunteer. Our current volunteers help teach our new volunteers, which will in turn help teach future volunteers. That’s been the system for years and we need parents to continue to step up so our league remains strong for years to come.

East Boise is known for putting together a quality league for decades now. The families involved with our league should hold pride in knowing this and want to continue our tradition of being one of the best leagues in the state.

Information on the various volunteer opportunities can be found on this page, along with the names and contact information of those currently holding board positions. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity for EBYBS!

Various Volunteer Opportunities

Head Coach: Head coaches make all the calls. How to communicate with the parents, how to run practices, and creating lineups for games. Once coaches reach the kid pitch divisions, they will also be able to assess and draft players of their choosing. Our own site offers a cache of information in the Coaches section to help educate yourself on drills, mechanics, and coaching strategies. YouTube is a great source for literally hundreds of in depth videos on youth coaching. Most parents do not decide to start coaching when their kid is born. They decide to start coaching because they see what coach their kid was stuck with and they know they can do better. Skip that step and volunteer to coach your kid’s team next season!

Assistant Coach: Assistants are the unsung hero volunteers of our league. They don’t really get much credit for the time they commit to coaching, but they are on the field just as much as the head coach. Without assistants, especially assistants with knowledge of the game, head coaches are not able to put on productive practices. Do not leave your child’s coach hanging. Help them out so everyone has a more enjoyable experience. You won’t regret it!

Umpire: This can be the toughest volunteer job at times. Other than the Juniors baseball division, we have no professional umpires in our kid pitch divisions. Parents volunteer to umpire behind the plate as well as in the field. An umpiring clinic is held each year before the spring season. Without umpires, the kids and coaches are just standing around looking at each other. Respect our umpires and what they do for our league!

Field Maintenance: Our families are entirely responsible for the maintenance of our facilities. Before and after each practice and game, the field must be prepped and put to bed. Watering the dirt before raking and when you rake the dirt, keep it out of the grass, that’s 90% of the job. We typically chalk the first base and third base lines before each game. This is simple work and the standards are generally pretty low. Taking charge of field maintenance will help your coaches run full practices and keep them focused on their game prep. It will also allow them to get home at a reasonable time after practices and games. All too many times the parents leave the minute the practice or game is over leaving the coach and his child spending an extra 15 minutes doing the field maintenance work that a few parents working together can knock out in 5 minutes.

Scorekeeping: Score is kept once players reach kid pitch in both baseball and softball. Some coaches want their books perfect, some just need to know an accurate score. Learning how to keep score is easy and there are plenty of guides online to help get you started.

Team Mom: Not just for moms, by the way. Head coaches need some assistance with the administrative side of running a team. All divisions will have picture packets and raffle tickets to hand out and collect back from the other parents on the team. The younger divisions will have snack schedules, trophies, end of year parties, etc. Taking charge of these tasks will help your child’s coach focus on their main job.

Trash and Weed Removal: Our baseball and softball side of the Simplot Sports Complex is quite large. We have 14 fields in total and, at time, a considerable amount of trash pinned against the various fences. When your child is at a practice and you have nothing to do, plan on bringing a trash bag and picking up trash, or pulling some weeds, for a few minutes. If everyone does a little, it really does go a long way in keeping our facilities looking nice.

Executive Board
Position First Name Last Name
League President Brent Delong
VP of Baseball Eric Pollard
VP of Softball Chris Pereira
Secretary Jason Driever
Facilities Coordinator Matt Degen
Safety Officer Nate Hudson
Treasurer Mark Mills

*There are not currently any open positions for the Executive Board.

General Board
Position First Name Last Name
VP of Tee Ball
VP of Rookies Baseball
VP of Minors Baseball
VP of Majors 60′ Baseball
VP of Majors 70′ Baseball
VP of Juniors Baseball
VP of 8U Softball
VP of 10U Softball
VP of 12U Softball
VP of 14U Softball
Concessions Coordinator
Uniforms Coordinator
Field Maintenance Coordinator
Sponsors and Advertising

Positions on the General Board open up each year. Please contact us today to let us know if you can help during this season or the next season.

VP of Various Divisions: The VP of each division will pass along communication from Executive Board members to coaches in the respective division, receive the occasional email from parents with questions about their division or child’s coach, answer questions from coaches (or forward them to the league), and oversee the division play to ensure fairness and safety for the players participating. Investment in time is minimal and no experience is necessary.

Concessions Coordinator: Oversee the concessions schedule, maintain standards per local health codes, inventory items sold from concessions, and restock those items when needed. This is a position that requires a significant amount of volunteering throughout the season. Assistance to the Concessions Coordinator is very helpful and can be limited to overseeing the concessions schedule.

Uniforms Coordinator: Coordinate the ordering, purchasing, and receiving of the uniforms before the season starts. This is a position that requires experience with coordinating with vendors and is only offered to someone with experience with the league.